Emergency School in Yemen

A school in Yemen for children displaced by civil war

After nine years of war, Yemen hosts one of the world's worst humanitarian crises: more than 4 million people, including roughly 2 million minors, have been forced to leave their homes.

The civil war has severely impacted the domestic economy or the economy of the country economy: the lack of clean water, food, sanitation and health care, and the consequent spread of diseases such as cholera and diphtheria as well as the spread of cholera and diphtheria epidemics, put a daily strain on the civilians. Out of a population of about 30 million, 21.6 million need humanitarian assistance.

The education system has collapsed during the conflict. It is estimated that 8 million Yemeni children need emergency educational support, while 2 million children have no access to education. Due to multifold factors, including cultural norms, girls now have very few opportunities to access school.

The situation in Yemen

21.6 million people in need

   Acute malnutrition for 2.2 million children

2 million children are out of school

Sources: UN, 2023

A first step toward the future

On 30th October, 2023, we launched our Still I Rise Academy in Yemen. The Emergency and Rehabilitation School will be built in the Southern city of Aden, in the Al-Insha'at area, which is home to vulnerable groups and IDP (Internal Displaced Person) camps.

In the first phase, the school will accommodate about 55-60 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14. Just like in North-West Syria and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we will establish an emergency school system, as students and their families will be provided with food parcels and other support.

The educational program will include classes in English, Arabic, Mathematics and Science, as well as a wide range of recreational and psychosocial activities. Our aim is to fully rehabilitate children and reintegrate them into the school system, giving them the opportunity to receive the education they deserve.