Emergency School in North West Syria

A school in Al Dana, Syria: bringing the future in the middle of a disaster.

In North-West Syria the worst humanitarian crisis of our century is happening right now. For many years, the Idlib region has been the scene of bombing, war and clashes. The number of killed and displaced people increases every day.

In the Al Dana area

  565 refugee camps

  840k displaced people

  58% children

During the Covid-19 pandemic, 56% of displaced people in Al Dana have no access to water or sanitation.

Ma'an Education Center

40 kilometres north of Idlib in Al Dana, we opened Ma’an - together in arabic - a school for children aged 10 to 14. We welcome both internally displaced children, Syrians who have left their cities to escape bombing, and local disadvantaged children, coming from the local community who have suffered through 9 years of war.

At Ma’an we teach English, Arabic and maths, distribute food packs and open a safe place in the city where our students can be kids again.
Kids with their rights, their dreams and the opportunity to grow as peace builders and become the change in the world. 

Founding Ma'an

Meet Abdulkafi, Syria Program Coordinator, to discover the behind the scenes of a project of education in emergencies .

The choice of the right building, the renovation works, the selection of furniture, the meeting with the local community and children to promote our activities.

Watch the video and discover the beauty of Ma'an!

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