Educational center in Greece

Mazí is a school and a safe place for 11-17 year old refugees who live on the Samos hotspot in Greece

Every year, hundreds of people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia attempt to cross the sea to reach Europe, striving for political asylum and international protection.

In the Samos Hotspot, a mile from the Turkish coasts, children and teenagers live in tents in the forest or in overcrowded containers. Food is insufficient, sanitary and hygienic conditions are inadequate and the whole system is collapsing.

In this hell in which children drift in constant danger, we opened the first educational center for boys and girls aged 11 to 17.


  1 doctor, 6900 people

  50% women and children

 320 unaccompained minors

6900+ people live in a refugee camp built for 648. 

* source UNHCR, April 2020

Mazí Education Center

Mazí, “together” in Greek, is our first project on the ground: both our educational method and our dream to change the world are born here. A full-time educational center where we provide different classes like English, science, arts, and health education, accompanied by a variety of activities stimulating creativity.

Mazí is based on the core values of hospitality and sharing. This provides children with a strong foundation to create bright futures for themselves.

A team of keen and qualified coordinators and volunteers support the children and facilitate the development of positive relationships and active learning. Lunches and parties are also precious occasions to normalize daily life in a multicultural context.


 50.000 breakfasts & lunches

  13.000 hours of lessons

 2000+ students

  100+ donated glasses

The situation in Samos is hard. Every day the list of children who ask to join Mazí becomes longer and the effort required from our team is huge.

Nevertheless, we are proud of our success: some students have already gained English Assessment Certificates, others have moved to other accommodations in which they have the chance to use the skills they developed in the center and, together, we have set up Through Our Eyes, the first photo exhibition made by refugee children themselves. At the same time, we have launched multiple advocacy campaigns to preserve the rights of minors on the

Reopening after Covid-19

In two years Mazí has never closed, except for January 1st.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic we had to close our center and it has been hard to separate from our students.

Watch the video and discover how we have reopened and which prevention measures we implemented.

Icons made by Mangsaabguru and Freepik from Flaticon