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Insieme is the new educational format created  for schools, universities, training institutes, and for all youth associations interested in undertaking an awareness-raising process on issues relating to migration, reception, child labor and the right to education. 
We have built Insieme to take the students closer to the goals of our mission and to make our educational approach known to educators who invest passion and professionalism in their classes every day.
Still I Rise has been working for years with refugee children, giving them access to the educational tools to build  their dreams and their future prospects.  

We would like to combine this strong commitment with an educational and awareness-raising project in an increasingly multicultural  Italian school context.

Insieme therefore aims to make our work, our mission, and our projects known, through what for us is not just a slogan, but an objective to be achieved: "One child at a time."

We want to build student sensitivity so that they grow with the values ​​of integration and inclusion.
Insieme is an interactive journey, structured in various phases in which you, the educator, chooses the path that will be the  most enriching for you and your group of students.

Information and Awareness

In the first phase, which we called Information and Awareness, we will open the doors of Still I Rise. You will have access to a platform full  of our teachers’ videos,  documents on the educational / pedagogical approach and on the concrete development of the 4 pillars. You will see our schools and learn more about our history and our future projects.

You will then move to the second phase.

You can decide whether to continue the path by choosing one of these  three projects:

We have used child friendly language, paying  attention to the lexicon and the proper and improper use of many terms, respecting the evolutionary process of the class and the sensitivity of each student.
There are many suggested  practical activities, like a real experiential path, which will make your students not just spectators but builders of change.
During this educational journey, we will often ask you to give us feedback, your impressions and share your thoughts, because this improves and enriches our work.
This project is held on a digital platform, just click on the login link that  will be provided to you after registering.
In the classroom you will need a PC or tablet to show and activate the path with your class.
The project is completely free; however, if desired you and your school can support our activities through a free will donation. Every euro raised will be used to guarantee the existence, continuity and quality of our organization and projects in the field. 

After the great response during the 2022/23 school year, we are working on a new edition of the project that will be available from the end of October 2023.
We can't wait to have you by our side,
Thank you so much!