The companies that change the world

Still I Rise is an organization not with an extraordinary focus on efficiency, innovation, measuring results, and embracing all challenges as a source of improvement.

Still I Rise believes in partnering with companies of all sizes that in addition to immediate commitments want their giving to have lasting and innovative effects and that can truly change the world. Companies that want to leave a tangible and innovative mark of their commitment as socially responsible businesses.

There are many ways to support us, and for all of these ways Still I Rise provides full support both in setting up activities and in carrying them out. It is possible to direct donations for specific areas of activity, for specific schools, for facility support or for special initiatives.

DONATE Businesses can contribute at any time, to Still I Rise activities and campaigns with a monetary donation, or with the direct purchase of goods or services.

CREATE WIN-WIN CAMPAIGNS Companies can raise funds by combining the sale of products and services with the collection of donations for Still I Rise projects.

ENGAGE Companies can promote support for Still I Rise to their employees, customers and suppliers, expanding our "family" and allowing tati others to learn about and support Still I Rise.

SUPPORT OR ORGANIZE EVENTS You can organize events that have Still I Rise as the ultimate beneficiary or our tea as the host, or you can support the organization of one of our events, national or local. For both we provide our support and skills

GIFTING Use merchandising designed specifically with us for corporate gifts, meetings and conventions, anniversaries and important company moments.

NETWORKING Businesses, and particularly entrepreneurs, can become our "ambassadors" to other businesses, or second-tier organizations, allowing Still I Rise to be known by others, and the company to promote itself as a carrier of universal values and vision.

PARTNERSHIPS AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS Still i Rise creates special partnership programs dedicated to the corporate world, programs within which companies not only support us but become even more involved in our activities.

Contact us at for more information, dedicated presentations, proposals for collaboration.


Road to Nobel Peace Prize

Still I rise has been nominated for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize committee disclosed that it has received 93 nominations from organizations. The entire list is sealed for 50 years, but those who nominate are allowed to make their names and motives public. Knowing that we are among these organizations nominated this year is a huge responsibility but also a huge opportunity, as well as an incredible satisfaction that we would really like to share with important and involved partners. Companies that would like to join us in the Road to Peace Nobel Prize 2023 program can write to