Thanks to your contribution, we are supporting the children that will change the world.

By donating you help us to open our schools every day, to offer our children the best education and to provide them with protection and support.

With a monthly donation we can do this work together, for a very long time. A promise of hope for children that will write together with us a new future for the entire world.

Moreover, by donating online you help us stay in touch with you to share updates on our missions, including the things we’ll be able to achieve in the future thanks to your support.

Donate by bank transfer


You can donate by bank transfer:

If you can, ask your bank to set-up an automatic monthly donation: you can help us continue our projects over a long period of time. If you make a donation by bank transfer, please send us an email: we would be happy to send a thank you message!


These are the only methods of donation approved by Still I Rise. Any other fundraising initiative is to be considered non-authorized by Still I Rise. We kindly ask you to report them by email.

Dona con Satispay

Clicca nel pulsante o inquadra il Qr code e dona tramite Satispay, un sistema di pagamento indipendente dai circuiti tradizionali!

Se scegli di donare tramite Satispay inviaci la ricevuta della tua donazione a (la riceverai direttamente da Satispay che per motivi di privacy non ci fa visualizzare il tuo cognome e la tua email) ci piacerebbe poterti ringraziare per il tuo gesto!

In 2021, we allocated 95.2% of our donations to implement programs and activities on the ground.

We always do our best to ensure the quality and consistency of our projects and we dedicate the greatest part of our budget for our students.


Email our team for any queries, information or requests.