Through our eyes

“Take photos of everything that has meaning to you, tell me your life on this island, let me see what your eyes see every day when you go out of Mazí and when the desperate daily life in the refugee camp is awaiting you”

Through Our Eyes started from this request and 39 disposable Kodak color cameras.

No journalist or reporter has been able to cover the conditions of the camp firsthand. From December 2018 to August 2019, our photography workshop students captured the horrors of the camp. The result is a disarming, shocking but limpid tale of the physically and psychologically debilitating conditions in which they live.

Since launching, Through Our Eyes has reached 36 cities in Europe and the US, welcoming thousands of visitors. To ensure that these photos continue travelling despite the pandemic, we created an online exhibition, thanks to the Gettysburg College support.

Pictures of despair

Flooded containers, endless queues for medical care, piles of rubbish, fights and protests. This is life in ‘the jungle’ without water, electricity and showers.

Children are covered in mud, toilets are broken, fear, hunger and suffering consume everyone. Through Our Eyes shows what it means to resist horror and still be able to see beauty, appreciate the sea, and survive through friendship, family and emotional bonds. It represents the hope of a Europe better than the land they were forced to leave behind.

Photography is part of the educational project of Still I Rise 

Students learn to use a professional camera which is an important channel to communicate with others. For this reason we organized a fundraising campaign to fund a Photography Lab in Beraber, our school in Gaziantep in the south of Turkey.


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