We educate to change our students' lives. We educate to change the world. Our educational method is holistic and is implemented in all of our programs. Our method carefully takes into account the people, context, and instructional content to ensure the best and safest experience for our students.

Effectiveness is one of Still I Rise’s core strengths. We create our projects based on the real needs of the communities we serve. For this we have formulated two different approaches to education:


We open educational centers in the hottest spots of global migration, such as Mazí in Greece and Ma'an in Syria. We teach a versatile curriculum, and respond to basic needs such as nutrition, hygiene and child protection. We offer psychosocial support to regenerate the child’s well-being. We restore the right to childhood.


We open international schools in places where refugees settle for the long-haul, like Turkey and Kenya. We offer a very high quality curriculum and a diploma recognized around the world. We create opportunities for development, social cohesion and inclusion for our students and their communities. We cultivate their potential and help them rebuild their future.

We designed our educational method with four principles, all of which help our programs to succeed:





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We strive to be as fair as possible when selecting our students while at the same time ensuring that our schools are representative of the local underprivileged communities. We do not discriminate against students on the basis of nationality, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We welcome both refugees and local destitute children by means of a fair quota system.

 50% GIRLS

Girls are a critical part of our educational programs. For this reason, our enrollment policy guarantees that in every school we apply a 50% girls quota. We also routinely promote and conduct female hygiene & health workshops, girls club and specific activities and a girl-quota in the class captains group.


We are interested in prioritizing the quality of our project, not the quantity of the students we enroll. For this reason we guarantee a 1:1 approach between our students and staff through the teamwork of our experienced managers. qualified teachers, counsellors, child specialist, educators and psychologists in order to:


We promote a democratic space of learning, where every student can feel free and is encouraged to contribute to the growth of the educational program and its community. In every class 2 class captains (1 boy & 1 girl) are elected every six months. Each week, every class is allocated time to run the class meeting. Class Captains routinely attend the coordination meeting with program managers, in which they share their classmates’ notes, thus serving as active participants in the school’s improvement.


It is a teacher's responsibility to always observe children, both in classes and during free time, to guarantee the constant practice of our no bullyism rule. Teachers are trained to put in place specific strategies in case they witness events of bullying. Everybody should feel comfortable at all times, and for this reason, the values of kindness and respect are taught to our students.


All students entering our school and centers should feel welcomed, safe and free to discover. Every corner in our facilities are planned and designed in order to achieve these goals.


Our schools are planned around 4 main concepts:


Technology is a key resource in our schools. We use it for teaching, learning, and to run our centers smoothly. Teachers are encouraged to use technology in their lessons to enhance the quality of their instruction. By incorporating new technology in the classroom, students are also encouraged to learn the values of resources that would usually be unavailable to them. Notable in the IT & coding classes we offer, we seek to cultivate technological literacy in our students so that their learning experiences are enhanced. 


A normal day in our educational program includes 6 hours of class lessons and 4 hours of free time. Every lesson lasts 45 minutes: the perfect amount of time for students to achieve daily goals, without feeling overwhelmed.

We value the 4 hours of free time as much as the 6 hours of class time, because for us learning is an ongoing process that happens in both formal and informal contexts. Children can learn if they feel free to express themselves, even outside of the structured space of a classroom. For this reason, free time in our schools is planned around a set of specific ideas:


Everybody – Managers, Teachers, Students - are asked to maintain and improve the school or center spaces at all times. Not only do we believe that schools should be places in which everybody feels comfortable, we also believe that the entire school community should feel responsible for the state of the building. 


In each of our schools and centers there are a number of people who work to ensure that our facilities are safe and productive places for our students.


All of our schools are run by an ensemble of professionals:

Each of these positions are filled according to specific criteria. All of them must be committed to taking care of every single student, and motivated to face new challenges every day. Our team of innovative and creative thinkers are the key to enhancing Still I Rise's Programs.


Through the International Teaching Program we look for motivated teachers with experience in their field: while knowledge itself is important, we particularly value expertise and personal committment. A rigorous selection process is in place to check and test applicants' academic/professional background, motivation and dedication to the cause, and compatability with our educational method.


All adults interacting with children must be mentors, and for this reason, they should be:


It is the first priority of the principal, teachers, and all adults involved in the management of the school to be there for children, all the time. The needs of the students come first and must always be addressed immediately in order for our schools and centers to live up to our high standards.


A school is the mirror of the past, present and future world. The teachers and students of a school must work to serve the world to the best of their abilities.


Our schools and centers are established to change the world, one child at a time. Children are the future, and we are still dreaming for a better world for tomorrow, where equality, justice and peace prevail. Refugee, destitute, out-of-school and homeless children are our main target groups. We offer them enrollment in our word class schools for free. We are working to generate the grassroots of change in order to promote social cohesion, development, education and long term solutions to our world’s problems.


We promote global awareness and a civic responsibility to all the children in our programs. We teach:


What we teach must be relevant to real life experiences all the time: teachers are always encouraged to explain why students are learning something. They have to explain why and how a topic is related to real life experiences and opportunities.

In Math class for example, before a teacher begins teaching a math concept, like radicals, he or she should explain the concept's real world applications and utility. Maybe it is important in the finance or engineering industries. 
Or in a history class, when teaching the history of past authoritarian regimes, students can learn of the power of propaganda, both in the past and present.
Real life applications are the key to success of our programs because they engage students and link their learning experiences to the real world.


We want our students to share our values and our world-oriented vision. For this reason:


We believe that for every problem out there, a solution can be found. However, the best solution can be discovered only by an efficient and smart team. For this reason, all coordinators, teachers, team members and students are encouraged to work together, always.
Still I Rise provides the proper spaces, furniture, and technology to promote and facilitate effective team work.


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