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Thanks to your contribution, we are supporting the children that will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Through the online donation form, you can support us by Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Debit

You can also donate by bank transfer:

If you donate by bank transfer please write us an email: we would like to keep in touch with you and update you regarding our programs.

We use our budget to ensure the quality and continuation of the projects on the ground. In an effort to maintain the highest level of transparency, you can download our financial reports. Do you have further questions? Visit our FAQ section or send us an e-mail


Even a small action, a signature on paper, can help to change the wellbeing of the children we serve. 
If you pay taxes in Italy, then you can donate to Still I Rise your 5x1000 in your tax declaration and become the change with us. 
Donating your 5x1000 in your tax declaration to Still I Rise:

When filling out your tax declaration (730, CU or Modello Unico) find the section:


In the box “Sostegno delle organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale, delle associazioni di promozione sociale…”, sign and write our Italian Vat Number 91015070633.

And you're done! 

If you normally don't fill out your tax declaration on your own, then just share our Italian Vat number with your accountant.

Do you want to support us even more? Talk about Still I Rise with your friends and family and let them know that they too can support our cause simply by signing a paper!

Every year our projects grow thanks to your support. 
We believe in transparency; all our donors and supporters can personally see how we spend the money we raise. Take a look at our most recent financial report.

Download our Financial Reports

Do you have any other questions? Please check the FAQ section and feel free to send us an email!

Wish lists

Our students deserve to gain access to the very best resources. Our schools are full of opportunities thanks to the material support provided by our donors. Thanks to you, students always have new books, crayons of every color, comfortable chairs, and board games.


When you purchase and send us a product via Amazon, you can track the purchase, the payment, shipment and delivery of the package. If you view our posts on Facebook and Instagram you might be able to see the gift you kindly sent us, used by our students and teachers.


We are planning to purchase products via Hepsiburada, a Turkish platform which we have personally tested and has proven to be efficient and reliable! Donate today and share our campaigns to equip Berarber!  

We are available and happy to answer any question regarding the utilization of our wish lists. Visit our section FAQ or email us

Are you curious to know whether we have received your package and whether everything that you sent has arrived?  Ask us by email by clicking here!

Presents and party favors

Do you have a special event coming up, like a baptism, birthday, graduation, or wedding?

You can make your event even more special by showing your support for refugee child education and giving your guests Still I Rise presents and party favors.

Contact us for more information about our presents and party favors.


We consider every decision we make as an organization to be important, even for our merchandise!

We chose to open our online store with Worthwearing because we believe in ethical, eco-friendly and high-quality products.

On Worthwearing’s website you can purchase t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks and many other products with the Still I Rise logo so that you can share our cause everyday, everywhere, with the people in your life.
Our products also make great gifts. Share the mission of Still I Rise today!

Once you have received your order, don’t forget to post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag Still I Rise!

If you have any questions regarding our merchandise or the Worthwearing online platform, check our FAQ or email us!

Corporate sponsors

We believe in a fair world and value corporate social responsibility. If you are the head of a company or you would like the company you work for to engage and support our mission on the ground, we invite you to view the following documents we have prepared.

Corporate sponsorship

We are very attentive to our expenses and we invite you to check our financial statements before you donate:

Our Financial Statements 

We want to remind you that if you are a company based in Italy, donations to our organization are deductible from taxable income, according to Italian law.

There are two options:

  1. Subtraction from the taxable income of charitable donations of less than 30.000 euros or to an amount not greater than 2% of a company’s declared income. (art. 100, subparagraph 2, lett. h of D.P.R. n. 917/86).
  2. Deduction from net taxable income of donations, money or other, to an amount not greater than 10% of the total declared taxable income. (art. 83, subparagraph 2 of D.Lgs. n. 117/2017).

For every donation we receive, we will prepare a tax receipt in order to access either of these benefits.

If your company’s head office is located in the UK or in any country in which we work, contact us. You will be connected to our administrative office on the ground which will provide you with further information regarding tax deductible donations. Together we can make a difference in the lives of the children we serve. We ask you to contact us by email if you require further details.


It is in our nature to care about schooling and education, and we would like teachers and educators from all over the world to share with their students our movement of change.

We set up teaching units, projects and activities which can help teachers to tell their students about us and to work with them on the main objectives of our work: human rights and children rights, right to education, social justice, awareness on the hardships and poverty in the areas in which we work.

We can’t wait to expand and enrich our ideas with you. To start a project with Still I Rise in your school or education center, email us!


Some stories really deserve to be told. We are proud and deeply dedicated to our mission, and this is the reason why we chose to document these stories in detail, taking all the space that only books can offer.

Find out more on publications about Still I Rise:

Se fosse tuo figlio
Nicolò Govoni


Angeli, zanzare e castelli
Fedor Delyagin con Riccardo Geminiani | collana Still I Rise

Fedor is a 6 year old Russian child, gifted and brilliant, who has been living in Italy since 2009. His sentences make up a collection of compelling thoughts and concepts, a combination of spirituality and humor. From positive thinking to the law of attraction, Fedor’s wisdom ranges without limits. The book contains a preface by Igor Sibaldi and a conversation with Massimo Gramellini.

Il codice del cuore
Riccardo Geminiani con Salvatore Brizzi e Gregg Braden | collana Still I Rise

The story of a 12 year old boy who travels through ancient cultures and hidden mysteries to uncover the “great secret”: an ancient and immensely powerful ritual which can transform the life of people. Written by Riccardo Geminiani with contributions from Salvatore Brizzi and Gregg Braden.

Our textbooks

Download here Still I Rise English textbooks. We have developed comprehensive workbooks to support refugee children who wish to learn English.






For questions about the books suggested on this page, please email us!


Still I Rise is an international NGO founded in Summer 2018: its main goal is to provide education and protection for refugee children. Still I Rise is independent and free from any financial relationship with Governments, the European Union or the United Nations. Its name is inspired by the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou, a hymn against prejudice, injustice and discrimination.

Still I RIse is composed of five operation teams. Check the “organization” page on our website to meet our team members!

You can find the answer on FAQ n. 1 “What is Still I Rise?”.

Still I Rise is entirely independent. We do not accept funds from the European Union, Governments or the United Nations.

At the moment Still I Rise is working in Greece in the Mazí Youth center and is starting the first international schools for refugee children in Turkey and Kenya.

The goal is to, after opening the schools in Turkey and Kenya, build similar schools in Mexico and Italy and therefore extend our ability to offer formal internationally-accredited schooling to refugee children, free of charge.

You can donate through:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • 5X1000
  • Solidary gifts
  • Amazon Wishlist
  • Facebook fundraisers

Moreover you can email us at to join our groups of supporters in Italy helping out our projects.

We suggest you check our Community on Facebook to stay updated.

All supplies necessary for our activities in the schools are purchasable on our Amazon Wishlists.

You can email us at we will contact our Team Managers to assess the most critical needs of our ground operations.

You can contact us by email at

Through our Facebook and Instagram pages you can be constantly updated on the goals we achieve. Moreover you can check our annual financial statement on our website, which presents all our expenses.

Donations to Still I Rise are tax deductible in Italy and may be tax deductible in your country. Email to learn more, and request a receipt. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name and Surname
  • Donation method and date of the donation
  • Tax code or VAT number

Residence or registered office Donations made through our Amazon Wishlists, Facebook fundraisers, or other external fundraising platforms (GoFundMe, etc.) are not tax deductible.

Deduction options for companies are:

  1. Subtraction from the taxable income of charitable donations of less than 30.000 euros or to an amount not greater than 2% of a company’s declared income. (art. 100, subparagraph 2, lett. h of D.P.R. n. 917/86).
  2. Deduction from net taxable income of donations, money or other, to an amount not greater than 10% of the total declared taxable income. (art. 83, subparagraph 2 of D.Lgs. n. 117/2017).

Nicolò Govoni’s books can be purchased in any bookstore or online, both in paper or e-book version. Riccardo Geminiani’s books can be purchased online only as e-books. All proceeds are used to open the new schools.

You can check our Facebook Community or read posts on the official Facebook pages of our team members Nicolò Govoni, Giulia Cicoli, Michele Senici and Giovanni Volpe.

Our merchandising can only be bought on by searching “Still I Rise” on the “search” section.

If you want to bring our photo exhibition to your city, email
Nicoletta, the project’s creator, will answer as soon as possible and make arrangements with you.

How can my school join Still I Rise’s school project? Email
Elisa, coordination for educational projects, will provide all information you need and explore the best solutions for your students.

Check the “JOIN US” section on our website and find out about our vacancies and how to apply!

Find out if there is any active group in your area by sending an email to This way you will be sure to get in contact with groups collaborating with us.

In addition to individual supporters, at the moment the following groups are collaborating with us:

  • In Cammino per Still I Rise
  • Insieme per Samos
  • Varese per Still I Rise

Email us at for further information.

Companies in Italy can donate (see tax deductions FAQ 15), arrange meetings for their employees to raise awareness on our mission and give information on the free donation of 5X1000; they can, together with our Event Team, organize events, charity dinners or fundraisers. Companies can also send their own products with the consent of the Still I Rise Italian team by emailing

For any other project you may want to submit to the team, contact

For all other matters, email