Finance & Governance

Transparency: our first priority

Our operations are funded by individual donors and companies. We do not accept funds from large institutions and governments. We are committed to our cause. That is why we never compromise.

For 1€ donated, we spend

  0,93€: Our programs

  0,022€: Finance and capital costs
                 0,006€: Fundraising costs

  0,042€: Managment costs




In 2022, we allocated 93% of our donations to implement programs and activities on the field, and 7% to support financial management expenses.


Download the 2022 financial report 
Download the 2022 social balance report 

Download the 2021 financial report 
Download the 2021 social balance report 

Download the 2020 financial report 
Download the 2020 impact report

Download the 2019 financial report
Download the 2018 financial report


A clear structure: what we need to ensure efficiency.
The operations of our organization are rooted in a solid structure of rules, codes and reporting. Whether it comes to administration or the protection of the children we serve, we always strive to create clear and functional policies and procedures.

Download the Still I Rise statute (IT)

Download our Child Safeguarding Policy


In compliance with the obligation to publish the yearly remuneration assigned to the members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Bodies, according to Legislative Decree 117/2017 art. 14, paragraph 2.