International School in Turkey

Turkey: project closed

Thousands of people have fled from war in Syria and have found asylum in Turkey. Gaziantep, a city near the Syrian-Turkish border, has become the escape route for refugees looking for shelter. Here we tried to establish our first international school for refugee and forgotten children.

The school, which was built in a strategic district - between the slums and the richer neighborhood - was supposed to become a vital reference point in the heart of the crisis. With our innovative methods, we wanted to convey values and skills to provide all children with the same opportunities to grow up free and independent.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to open here our first international school, the only way to do that was to compromise but we wanted to preserve our freedom and independence. If you want to read the details about our attempt to open a school in Turkey, here is a report. 


  3.6m refugees in Turkey

  450k refugees in Antep

  70% women and children

92% of the children drop out of school before they are 10 years old.

* source UNHCR, 2020

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