School in Kenya

Nairobi: a school to rewrite the future

On 8 December 2020, we inaugurated the Still I Rise International School in Nairobi, thanks to the support of many friends and donors.

Our school is located Mathare, Nairobi, a strategic area to welcome the city’s forgotten children. Mathare is one of the most disadvantaged slums in the world and it stands in between the districts of Pangani, Eastleigh and Huruma, some of the areas with the highest refugee density.

We offer our 150 students a high-quality international curriculum. We create opportunities and promote development not only for our students but for the entire community. Through cultural events, exposure for the students and work opportunities for the parents will be our primary focus. 

The main focus of the project is the involvement of the local community. The staff will be made up of the best local professionals and teachers with the support of a selection of international teachers.


Kenya is a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of refugees. Somalis, Sudanese, Congolese flock to the borders, where they survive trapped in some of the largest refugee camps in the world.

Tens of thousands move to Nairobi in search of work and favorable conditions. But in a metropolis where 60% of the population lives in slums, dreams of a better tomorrow are shattered. In Nairobi over 500,000 children, refugees and Kenyans alike, live in poverty, with no chance of a better future.

We are here to create opportunities and rewrite the future.

  495k displaced people

  +80k refugees in Nairobi

  53% children

600,000 people live in the 5km² of Mathare slum

* source UNHCR, July 2020

The daily routine at the International School

Giovanni Volpe, Program Manager in Nairobi, tells us about the routine of the days: "The appointment for everyone is in the morning at 8.00 am for breakfast, in small groups, according to the local COVID-19 rules. At 9 a.m. the first bell rings and classes begin.

Our curriculum is diversified: students take intensive English and Math classes, as well as courses in reading, creative writing, art, theater, sports, and films. Activities are broken up by 20-minute breaks, and there is a long break for lunch. We offer a warm meal and fruit, and we try to vary the menu every day.

These are full, busy days, but students don't lack for free time: during the day, we invite them to discover and learn without teacher supervision.

At 5 p.m., students help cleaning the classrooms and common areas before saying goodbye. Thanks to the bus service, even those who live further away have the possibility to reach the school and return home safely".

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Meet our mascot

«We adopted Still when he was a puppy wandering around the Mathare slums."He will become an essential presence in our International School," we thought. "He will be a great support to the students."

We knew he would be a great addition to our team.  What we didn't know is how much love he would give to all of us. Without us realising it, Still became part of the Family.
Instead of just training him, we also taught the students.  As Still learned to sit, the students learned to listen to his eyes. As Still learned to paw, the students learned to care for him. And as Still learned to fetch, the students learned to love him».

Nicolò Govoni

Icons made by Mangsaabguru from Flaticon