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Via Dante 53, 80079, Procida (NA) - Italy

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Kanari Street 14, Samos, 83100, Greece

Support education for displaced children

About Us

We stand with vulnerable children across the world

Still I Rise's mission is to provide quality education to refugee children. Will you join us?

Still I Rise started in 2018 with the objective of restoring education and safety to children in need and displaced by conflict.


Our mission has roots in the work of a volunteer who supported the well-being of orphan children in India, in 2013. In August 2018, we founded Mazì, the first school for refugee children living in the Samos hotspot, in Greece. We help our students through education and psycho-social support. The asylum system on the island largely excludes them from public education while denying many of their basic human rights.

Mazì is a safe haven for about 150 of our 12-17 year old enrolled students. This center provides a safe place for students to learn, grow and cope with the trauma they are subject to everyday in the hotspot. 'Mazì' means 'together' in Greek, and it was crafted with refugee student input, local engagement, and the hard work of many volunteers and staff members.

We are an independent group of volunteers

Our Mission

Still I Rise's mission is to provide quality education to refugee children. Still I Rise is an independent Greek-registered NGO that operates on the island of  Samos, Greece. We receive no funding from the Greek or EU governments.  We run an educational program, Mazì, for refugee children fleeing from war and persecution.

Our vision is to care for and protect children, help them realize their full potential, and offer them a fair chance in life.  We see the worth of people from all countries and backgrounds and we shout the value of education for all children.

Core values