​Find us: 

Kanari Street 14, Samos, 83100, Greece


We need a team of committed, patient and resilient learning mentors to carry out our operations.


Does it cost anything to volunteer with Still I Rise?

No.  Volunteers need to cover their accommodation and food  costs but there is no payment to Still I Rise.

Are you a teacher?

We are looking for experienced teachers and educators to join our team and teach our kids English, Greek, Biology, Geography, Music, Computer, Art and Sports to help them acquire the skills they need to thrive in Europe. Experience teaching English as a foreign language is a huge plus! 

Are you a  psychologist or a social worker? 

 Do you have the training to support resiliency by working with children individually and within class programs? Can you observe and listen well to connect with kids in crisis and transition? From building social and coping skills  to making referrals to partner agencies- we support students in every way we can.

Are you a kids person?

 Working with children aged 12-17 requires a combination of energy and patience! At the heart of the Youth Center is an enjoyment of the students in all the complexity of their experience and interactions. We are looking for motivated leaders to inspire and teach kids through all of our activities. 


  • Proficient in English. 

  • Over the age of 20.

  • Minimum of 6 weeks. 

  • Completion of CRB/background check

  • Facebook Messenger. 

  • Passion, drive, dedication to our cause.

Due to the changing circumstances of our work, we cannot accept applications more than 4 months prior to your starting date.

Frequently asked question

Does it cost anything to volunteer with Still I Rise?

No.  Volunteers need to cover their accommodation and food  costs but there is no payment to Still I Rise.

Who do I contact about volunteering?

Please read all information on our site before applying to volunteer with us. If you have further questions, you can contact admin@stillirisengo.org. If you are confirmed as a volunteer, it is not formal employment and we cannot support documentation for visas.

Would I need a car on Samos?

Since all of our activities take place in Mazi, our youth center, it is not necessary to have a car while you volunteer with us. However, it is very likely that you will walk 10-15 minutes from your accommodation to reach the center each day. 

What would I be doing as a volunteer with Still I Rise?

We make an effort to use our volunteers' strongest skills while they are with us. People trained in teaching, whether English or other courses, may be teaching regular classes. If you have skills in art, engineering, science, dance or other activities, Mazi has enjoyed providing topic specific workshops for our students. Staff at the common hall desk are also needed to keep the center clean, supervise and engage with kids between classes, and support teachers throughout the day.