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After one successful year in Greece, in Mazi - our first youth center - we started evaluating the opportunity of bringing our teaching model abroad. Through our method, over 1000 traumatized children have achieved unexpected goals in an exceptionally short time. Starting from zero, they achieved fluency in English within the span of six months. They also learned coping strategies allowing them to thrive in a shared environment, as well as to deal with future challenging moments and experiences. We truly believe that quality education is the only way to dream and achieve a better world, and based on the goals our students have achieved so far, we know that it can be done. We chose Turkey as the first place to start our expansion as it is one of the countries most affected by migration flows. It is also where all our students transited before coming to Greece. Turkey hosts more than 3.6 millions refugees, of which 12.8% are aged between 12 to 17 years. We believe that international and European organizations should support this massive, painful exodus, to the best of their capabilities. And this is why we are here.


We aim to establish the first international school for refugee children in the world. We plan to offer quality education and a recognised international diploma to a promising selection of the most destitute people living at the edges of society--displaced children. We will offer our program free of costs. According to the Turkish Ministry of National Education, there is a substantial gap between students attending elementary school and high school. In 2018 about 67.000 children attended grade 5, but only some 20.000 joined grade 9. The causes can be found in early marriage, child labour, and social integrations issues. We believe we can help and reclaim some of these children, and offer them a brighter future through our approach.

Our project will be divided in three steps:

1st Step 

We will open a Community Center to provide recreational

and psychosocial activities to impoverished refugee youth.

We will establish a place where children can improve, feel more self-confident and community oriented through art, music, reading and physical activities. The Center will be run by an ensemble of highly qualified staff as well as Turkish and international volunteers .

2nd  Step

We will open an international school offering an International diploma. When children graduate from our international school, the diploma will ensure them access to high quality universities, both within the country and abroad. We also hope that the students will be able to return to their countries of origin and use their education to rebuild their homes . Considering the difficulty and the

complexity of an international curriculum, the students will attend a course designed by Still I Rise through our experience in teaching techniques and learning methods

3rd Step

We will facilitate and in some cases sponsor the higher studies of the 

students who will successfully graduate from our international school.


Our school will enroll a maximum of 150 students. We believe in a one- to-one approach ensuring the best possible instruction and care to each child. We also believe that our initiative will have a positive impact on our students as well as a gentrifying effect on the local community. Students attending our courses will become highly-qualified professionals, and thanks to our instruction, they will be able to plan and achieve their own dreams. If they choose to return to their home countries, we believe they will be well-equipped to build schools, make better policies and contribute to the economy. If they decide to remain in Turkey ,

they will become productive members of society. If they choose to move abroad, they will do so legally and thrive in an environment they already feel comfortable with. Wherever they will choose to live, they will build a more connected, safe and fair world, for everyone.

The team

Our team is both local and international, and everybody is asked to bring to the projects their skills, creativity and know-how to improve our work on the ground. Our NGO currently operates in Italy, Greece and Turkey. Along with Nicolò Govoni, the

Turkish Team consists of field coordinators Tatjana Brandner, Michele Senici and Nicoletta Novara.

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