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In  December, 2018, a volunteer who teaches photography at a school for refugee children on the Greek island of Samos gave Kodak disposable cameras to her class. She told the students to photograph their daily lives. “When we developed the pictures, we were highly impressed,” Giulia Cicoli, one of the founders of the school, known as Mazí, told me as she showed me a number of the images, which had been given captions by the children who took them. One captured angry men climbing a fence topped with barbed wire and had the caption “There was a protest. All the African guys wanted to be transferred and they burned 2 toilets.” A picture that showed women waiting in the dark to visit the camp health clinic was presented with the words “I hate this line. The line for the doctor.” It went on, “The last time I had to wait for 14 hours.”(continue...)

It could hold 650 people. Today in the camps that surround it there are more than four thousand, in the tent cities, waiting for an interview for the asylum request. Pregnant women, children, the elderly. Left in inhuman conditions. In the cold. Without water. The reportage by Francesca Mannocchi and Alessio Romenzi.