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Coming: 2020

Having gained their independence from the United Kingdom in 1963, Kenya is one of the most prosperous and stable countries in East Africa.
Nonetheless, the region is marred by everchanging political and economic tensions, particularly in Somalia and in Sudan and South Sudan, which are currently suffering from recent or current wars. Kenya, considered a safe haven in a largely volatile region, has been a destination and place of long-term transit for refugees for decades. In response to the current crises displacing people in the area, small refugee camps, often likened to slums, have emerged near the north-eastern border of the country. Without adequate services and proper spaces to live, children here suffer greatly and have little opportunity to learn and grow. Men, women, and children have essentially been sentenced to live in these makeshift camps, trapped and deprived of their human rights. It is exactly for these reasons that we have selected Kenya as the location for an international school for refugee children. We wish to provide refugee children the possibility of securing a brighter and better future for themselves and to encourage them to reject surrendering to the inequity and misery that surrounds them. We want to support them to rekindle their hopes and dreams, and to teach them the values and skills they will need to live in dignity and fight for a more fair and equal world.

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