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School in Italy

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Coming: 2021

After establishing our international schools in multiple locations around the world, we want to change the condition and perception of refugees in Italy.
Since the beginning of the crisis, Italy, the nation at the core of the central Mediterranean route, has addressed international protection with a welfare approach and without a realistic long-term plan. After years of managing migration into the country, we believe that the people of Italy deserve support. The best solutions are those that produce long-term benefits and we believe that our international school model, with the mission to rehabilitate and integrate suffering refugee children, is a lucrative investment for the collective well being of Italians. In Italy there are many existing projects refugee inclusion at their core; however, we believe our project model is a necessary step towards actual realization of full rehabilitation and integration. We want to welcome refugee families that have decided to remain in Italy, instead of going to Northern Europe, and to provide their children tangible opportunities to excel academically and professionally. We will open the first international school for refugee children in Italy and to less fortunate Italian children as well. Our task will be difficult, but when we achieve our goal, we will create a brighter future for both refugee children and our society as a whole.

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