March 25, 2020 ・ Still I Rise Press Office

Nominate the hospital staff of the world for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

The petition launched by Still I Rise NGO on has already reached over 50,000 signatures in a few days. The purpose of the petition is to ask the Nobel Prize Committee to exceptionally welcome the nomination of health personnel from all over the world for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020. The goal of this campaign is to reach 100,000 signatures by April 5th and thus convince the Committee to consider the candidacy, despite the deadline for nominations having closed on January 31st.

The petition aims to bring a message of support, solidarity and gratitude to all those doctors, nurses, health workers, paramedics, technicians, researchers, telephone operators, orderlies, volunteers, pharmacists and general practitioners who risk their lives every day in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, more than 430,000 people have been infected and about 20,000 have lost their lives. Among these are many doctors.

 “I understand that this recognition would not compensate for the reprehensible conditions in which doctors, nurses and operators are forced to face the pandemic. But I firmly believe that the Nobel Prize would become a symbol of worldwide gratitude for their sacrifice, ensuring the rights and protections they deserve for the future. Also, giving the prize of prizes not to an individual or organization, but to a community and therefore to an idea - the idea of humanity - would make history. It would change the world” says Nicolò Govoni, President of Still I Rise and one of the nominees for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

“Together with my team, we are convinced that the doctors, nurses, and all health workers who risk their lives for all of us every day are already the moral winners of the prize, but it would be right for them to be also the real winners. If our society doesn't collapse this time, it’s because of them. We send a message of gratitude to all those who are fighting to keep our loved ones alive and protect our children.” 

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