September 21, 2021 ・ Still I Rise

Let's celebrate the World Gratitude Day together

The activities of Still I Rise are possible thanks to the support of many friends like you who have chosen to stand by our students.

This is why we want to celebrate World Gratitude Day together with a special gift. We have asked ten artists from all over the world to share their "Thank You" messages with us and express, through illustrations and words, the many nuances of this feeling.

Enjoy this virtual exhibition and ... a heartfelt thank you to you


Nadine Kaadan is a Syrian children's book author and illustrator living in London. Her works are published and translated all over the world. Her mission is to promote inclusion through children's illustrations, so that every child can see themselves in a story.

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"What do I feel grateful for? My family and chocolate ice cream!" 


Xanelé is a spatial designer and illustrator, currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She works at the Otto Foundation with a dynamic team to build libraries and design spatial, educational, and relational interventions that foster and nurture a love for reading among children.

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"I'm grateful for libraries, I'm grateful for books. In the context of the work that the Otto Foundation and Still I rise do, I feel that the library as an environment is sacred in its accessibility and the freedom it provides (both as a safe space, as well as a space for learning and personal growth)". 

BRODINO DIGITALE (Emanuela Carnevale)

Emanuela Carnevale (aka Brodino Digitale) is an illustrator and Art Director living in Milan. Her illustrations stem from an ironic or dreamy vision of life. They are based on real stories, good intentions, heart-warming memories, photographs of past times or thoughts of the future.

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"I am grateful for the unexpected laugh, which relaxes us, makes us think, saves us from awkward situations".


Alessandra Bruni is an illustrator and tattoo artist born in 1997. She started publishing her illustrations a few days after the lockdown began, immediately gaining great interest from the public.

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"I feel grateful for having the chance to wake up in the morning in a comfortable bed, to be able to decide for myself how to spend my day, I feel grateful for the power to choose and maybe even get it wrong sometimes. More than anything else, I feel grateful because I can afford to have dreams and try to pursue them. Somewhere else in the world there are girls like me who don't have a room of their own, who wake up with the sole aim of surviving the day. Then there are girls who cannot choose their own dreams, girls bound to the despotic will of others. I feel grateful not because I believe I live in a perfect world, far from it, but I am happy to be able to make even a small gesture to try to change it".


Angelo Ruta (Ragusa, 1967) developed as an artist in Milan. He works mainly as an editorial illustrator, although over the years he has explored languages as cinema and theatre. He has published for Einaudi Ragazzi, Carthusia, Usborne, Mondadori and BUR, among others. He regularly publishes in "la Lettura" of the Corriere della sera.

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"I feel grateful for the chance to have loved ones and a job I am passionate about; not everyone is so lucky".


Based in Milan, Italy, Emiliano Ponzi’s bold textured illustrations employ repetition, a judicious use of line, strong graphic compositions and the use of conceptual metaphors to define and communicate the concept at hand.

His illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, books, newspapers and animation, for clients that include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, Louis Vuitton, Moma NY, Cartier, Der Spiegel, Penguin Books. Emiliano has received numerous honors including the Young Guns Award from the New York Art Directors Club and the coveted Gold Cube from The Art Directors Club of New York. He has won multiple medals of honor (gold and silver) from the Society of Illustrators New York, and award recognition from Society of Illustrators Los Angeles and the 3×3 Magazine Pro show.

He is considered one of the finest illustrators of his generation.

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Martina Lucin is a Croatian illustrator and sculptor. She lives in Trogir, Croatia, where she runs a street shop selling handcrafts.She loves cats, books and cacti, which are often the subjects of her works.

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"I am grateful for my health, family and friends"


Simone Rotella is an illustrator and graphic designer who lives in Turin. His works have been published in the most important Italian newspapers, such as Corriere della Sera and La Stampa, and in magazines such as The Lancet, Vogue and Espresso. He collaborates with NGOs and cultural institutions, and is the author of graphic novels. 

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"For me, it's important that we learn to be grateful for the little moments that life brings us and for what we have (which in our part of the world never seems to be enough...). I would like us to be able to savour those small daily moments that make us feel alive and free, grateful to live in symbiosis with this planet and the beings that inhabit it". 

DISEGNATA (Sara e Guido)

We are Sara and Guido, partners in life and work, illustrators, graphic designers but above all dreamers. Disegnata for us is an opportunity to use our pleasure and talent in drawing to try to do something more: to encourage people to bring out their best side, believe in themselves and be an active part of change. 

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"We are grateful to all the people who over the years have 'seen' beyond the colours the depth of what Disegnata is." 


I'm an author of graphic novels and illustrator, and I live in Paris. I work regularly for the newspaper Liberation and I love to illustrate topics from the news. My last book is entitled «Your place» (Casterman, 2021). Its heroine is a young Syrian woman arriving in Athens and discovering she is pregnant. 

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"I am especially grateful for the people in my life, for reading great comic books, for food every day and for my yoga mat!"

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