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Become a Still I Rise volunteer: become the change in the world.

Our Youth Centers and International Schools always need motivated and competent volunteers to take care of our children, our projects and the facilities where we work. We are always looking for people interested in donating part of their time and abilities to enrich our projects.

My experience in Mazí was remarkable. I often found myself thinking about how lucky I was to be surrounded by such good people, all there for one cause: to do something great for the kids. The kids were our inspiration day by day. I taught them not just the alphabet or the planets in the solar system, but also some complex things, like how it is to live in Europe or how to treat everybody equally. I’m proud of all the volunteers I’ve met. I’m so proud of Mazí and Still I Rise.

We avoid VOLUNTOURISM, we promote ethical volunteering that prioritizes the beneficiary

There is no fee to become a Still I Rise volunteer. A rigorous selection process, which takes into consideration our needs and the candidate’s values and experience is conducted. Our HR team evaluates carefully previous candidates’ experiences, both academic and professional, self-awareness, their limits and strengths, and the real motivation they have to join our programs. Once selected and before joining the team on the ground, volunteers obtain training to understand our values and strategies. We also take time to prepare them to face daily challenges and to manage personal interactions with the beneficiaries, fellow volunteers, workplace and coordinators. The safety and security of our representatives is a first priority. Along with the training course, units regarding risk management, context complexity and appropriate behavior are provided. During and after the volunteering period, monitoring and debriefing sessions are planned, together with psychological support if needed.

For Still I Rise, carefully planned, safe, ethical, and structured volunteering is a first priority to operate in the international context.


We are working to develop the new Still I Rise “INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING PROGRAM” which will be launched soon.

If you want to receive a reminder by email when our positions are opened again, please email us! We are an international organization: therefore, we ask that you to write to us in English. Messages written in other languages will not be considered.

Powerful, enriching, and impactful are the words that best describe my experience volunteering. Having had the opportunity to be a part of the team of Still I rise was an exceptional opportunity which has truly taken a special place in my heart.


In order to comply with regulations and safety measures implemented by the governments of the countries where we operate as relating to COVID-19 (new coronavirus) pandemic, over the past few months our operations remained closed and all recruiting processes for new volunteers have been suspended. We have now re-opened our center on Samos but don’t have any news regarding the possbility to welcome volunteers as yet. At the same time, we are pleased to announce that we developed the new “INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING PROGRAM”, that will be presented in the next weeks. It will be the strengthened Still I Rise proposal to allow people to join and volunteer in our programs on the ground, in a planned, safe, structured
and ethical way. We ask prospective volunteers to check this page in the future for updates.

Last update: 14/05/2020



We operate in complex and volatile contexts. Assuring the safety and sustainability of all of our programs, together with the security of all representatives, is a top priority for us.
We operate around the world by applying international standards and protocols when it comes to risks assessment, management and security, in order to assure the safety of our team and of the children we serve every day.


RISK ASSESMENT AND RISK MANAGEMENT POLICIES: We have developed detailed plans to assess the risks of the contexts where we operate, taking into consideration both common and exceptional emergency situations. Through an analysis, we prepared the codes of conduct that every representative is asked to follow carefully, both inside and outside our facilities.
We offer training courses and each month we update our guidelines in normal situations. During emergencies, we escalate, review and modify according to the risks that are noted.

INTEGRATION WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: Building strong relationships with the local community is a top investment. We work hard to involve the hosting local community. We communicate with the local authorities and we hire local staff. These relationships are the basis of our operations and create a safe and protected space to run our activities, even during emergency or critical situations.

WE TAKE PART IN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Our operations and our presence on the ground is always communicated and updated to the embassies and consulates of the State where we implement our programs. We follow through official channels the evolution of critical situations and we activate protocols of protection and/or evacuation according to their indications. Every international representative is trained on the applied guidelines. They are always supported in keeping in touch with their embassies, to collect information and guidelines regarding emergency situations.