Become an International Teacher!

Joining Still I Rise’s International Teaching Program is an invaluable career opportunity.

This two year, rigorous program offers individuals the chance to teach full-time in one of our international schools to support children from displaced populations. It also gives the opportunity to access our administrative positions worldwide after two years of teaching. Throughout the program, you will be teaching in a fast-paced context to develop and learn the necessary skills, knowledge and perspectives needed to serve in leadership positions in the field of humanitarian aid. 

You will participate in an experience that will see positive change in the lives of your students. By gaining a new perspective from your students, you will likely also see that your own life will  change as well.


Our programs are in uncharted territory within the field of humanitarian aid. To operate our International Schools, we invite committed professionals from a range of fields to apply. Applicants should be confident, ambitious, risk-takers and prepared to work hard. We are looking for motivated recent graduates, innovators, counselors and educators who have experience or training in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, arts, and athletics. Possessing a recognised certificate in teaching is not a requirement to apply to the Program.

“As an English teacher, I have had an incredible front row seat to understanding a refugee child's thirst for learning. Each day I am able to come alongside children who have gaps in education and convince them that they can learn. When the child knows how much you care, they take the next steps to achieve something that was once difficult for them. It is the most rewarding work I can imagine and the students learn more than just English; they tell me each day the words of our center: Be kind, help each other!”

What we look for in our teachers:

What do we offer to our International Teachers:

“Teaching mathematics to refugee students is like deciding to jump into something completely unexplored. Scientific knowledge doesn’t rhyme neither with language learning nor with students' social skills. To teach a math class means discovering children who hide unexpected treasures of knowledge and at the same time teaching basics, like numbers, to connect students who come from all over the word. Maths means teaching our students order and structure in the middle of their chaotic lives.”

Applications for Still I Rise's International Program will open soon!

Do you want to receive more information? Write to us! We are an international organization: therefore, we ask that you to write to us in English. Texts written in other languages will not be considered.