November 23, 2021 ・

#Support a Dream

Some wishes can come true: support a student's dream this Christmas!


In our schools we cultivate hope. The dreams of our students are precious to all of us and we work every day to make them come true.

This Christmas, rediscover with us the magic of a child’s dream! With your support we can continue to build, together, a world fit for their tomorrow, one child at a time!


Give a gift to our students!

You can choose from school supplies, books, games, or decide to give them other very important items we've added for Christmas: the familiar favorites of legal support, medical care and family meals, alongside some exciting new items!

Check out the new bundles available now!


This Christmas, help us by activating a regular donation to support our long-term projects. With a monthly donation you ensure our students long-term stability. 
By choosing a regular donation you allow us to intervene quickly in emergencies and to better plan activities with our students.

Become part of the Big Family of Still I Rise and each month we will send you exclusive content so you can see how your donation impacts our students!


With the online donation form you can support us with


Donating online is secure and guaranteed by My Donor and Stripe, a world leader in digital payments. By donating online, you will receive updates from the field and learn about our future goals.


You can donate by bank transfer to our bank account Banca Etica:

Ask your bank to set up an automatic monthly donation which will support the growth of our organisation. If you choose to do a bank transfer, send us an email: we would like to thank you and tell you how we use your donation.


Give a donation and make your loved ones' Christmas unique!

After numerous requests last year we have activated a new and convenient solution for those of you who want to give your loved ones something really special.

This year you have the opportunity to receive a thank you letter in pdf format to be forwarded to the person in whose name you want to make the donation!


Too often our children’s rights are denied and their basic needs ignored.
Our work of denunciation, advocacy and testimony is crucial to support their future.

This Christmas we have decided to take these voices directly to you.

Join us in making our battles known! Discover our new advocacy t-shirts and get yours! 


This year for the first time you will find the stalls of our Territorial Groups Volunteers in many Italian squares!

Look for the stands in your city, get our gadgets and support the dreams of our students.

The groups are always looking for new helpers, so join us and help bring the voice of our students to your city.


Support the dreams of our students!
Your company can contribute in many ways to ensure education and protection for refugee and vulnerable children in global migration hotspots.
Support Still I Rise schools and help implement activities on the ground with a donation.
You will receive a certificate and digital communication to share with your employees.
Make a special gift to suppliers and collaborators: you can choose the gadget you prefer and customize it with the logo of your company.
Write to Barbara and Laura, they will be happy to help you!



Take a photo wearing your Still I Rise t-shirt,or share pictures of your Still I Rise holiday gifts on social media using the hashtag #supportadream
Let's change the world, together, one dream at a time!