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Via Dante 53, 80079, Procida (NA) - Italy

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Kanari Street 14, Samos, 83100, Greece

Mazì Youth Center

We created Mazi as a youth center for refugee children from 12 - 17 years old. This center, named Mazi meaning 'together' in Greek, is created with the input, ideas, and voices of the students attending.  Opened in August 2018, Mazi is designed to provide informal education in a safe environment, Mazi supports students as they are in transition on the island. 


We want children to survive and thrive in Europe, and Mazi strives to act as a bridge between the horrors of their past and a brighter future.

Still I Rise is committed to building an organic and supportive community for learning that will give children the necessary tools to become functional and even influential members of society. We have caring teachers and volunteers who mentor learners.


All children deserve equal chances to thrive through education.

Download our student English learning textbook designed specifically for refugee learners


With four distinct classes based on English proficiency and student age, Mazi has over 150 children aged 12 to 17 attending every day.


Core classes provided at Mazi include:

  • English

  • Greek

  • Reading Group

  • Mathematics

  • Culture Studies

  • Geography

  • Computer Science


Mazi provides multiple activities based on student interests and volunteer skills.


Currently we have: 

  • Carpentry

  • Art

  • Relaxation

  • Kickboxing

  • Music

  • Breakdance 

common hall

Mazi provides a safe place for refugee learners to relax and be children. A growing multilingual library, board games, cards, puzzles, movie nights and guitars all provide Mazi with a common hall environment rich in growing friendships and laughter.  Students have the chance to interact with their teachers outside of classes and learn at their own pace from books in their first languages. 

"We work together,
we build it together" 

Mazi was created with, not for, refugee learners. Students had input in the classes, activities, chairs, tables, and decor.  We have also carefully created an educational mission for Mazi,unique from traditional educational systems; created for refugee students who have uniquely experienced extraordinary circumstances. 


All of the school supplies, pillows, games, notebooks and assorted necessary items in Mazi have been provided by kind donors from around the world.  We are so grateful! The items always seem to arrive exactly when we need them most. Please see our wishlist to donate items to support our students through the winter. 

The Work to Open Mazì

Still I Rise strives to be transparent about what funding is used for and where your donations go. Our school supplies are almost entirely donated by you! The Amazon wishlist provides transparency about what we need and where your money goes. Other expenses are noted in this graph. Enjoy!

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